Born and raised in Northern California, Mally Mall started his music career as a producer working with industry veterans Ant Banks and Rick Rock. Influenced early on by both the Bay Area music scene and his Brazilian/Egyptian heritage, Mall’s multicultural background is reflected in the diversity of his sound. Mall Press Shoot 2014-2 Heading two labels, Mally Mall Music and Future Music, Mall has helped shape the landscape of the industry today. Working with a ‘who’s who’ list of artists including Tyga, Drake, Justin Bieber, Future, Sean Kingston, French Montana, Pusha T, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, TyDolla$ign, Lupe Fiasco, & Usher just to name a few, Mall’s repertoire has proven he has the ability to cross genres and cross lanes into other entertainment ventures.
Working alongside rapper/actor 50 cent, Mall served as an Executive Producer for the documentary “2 Turntables and a Microphone, The Life and Death of Jam Master J”.Debuting at the Los Angeles Film festival in 2008, the critically acclaimed documentary laid the foundation for Mally Mall’s cinematic career. With an impressive list of accolades that include production credits in both music and film, Mall has recently decided to test the music industry waters again- this time as an artist. A self-proclaimed “true leader in every sense of the word” Mall has set out to show that his skills extend beyond a producers’ mixing board. His debut single, ‘Drop Bands on It (featuring Wiz Khalifa & Tyga)’ does just that. He followed up with his 2nd hit single entitles “Wake Up In It” with an all star cast, which is currently available on iTunes and is in the process of hitting rhythmic and top 40 radio. With its’ irresistible bass and bravado it is a guaranteed club hit.


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